8 Ways Eating Paleo Will Transform Your Life Forever

1. Lose weight Paleo is low in carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates – such as pasta and bread – make you gain weight. By eliminating these foods from your diet, the weight will fall off naturally. Some of our customers have lost ten pounds in just four weeks, without any additional exercise.

2. Higher energy levels

By eating things that our bodies are naturally designed to eat, we are able to break down food into energy more efficiently. Paleo is high in natural oils and fats, which is your body’s preferred energy source

3. No peaks and troughs in energy

When we consume carbohydrates or refined sugar, this brings about an insulin spike followed by a crash. Have you ever felt sleepy at your desk in the afternoon? That is likely because of the sandwich you ate for lunch. Energy from proteins and fats is released slowly throughout the day, providing a high and stable level of energy.

4. Remove hunger pangs

The energy crashes brought about by blood sugar drops also create feelings of hunger. This is why eating sugar and processed foods can create a negative downward spiral – the more you eat, the hungrier you feel, which encourages you to eat more etc. Eating proteins and fats creates a feeling of satiation, and allows the feelings of hunger to develop slowly and naturally throughout the day.

5. Reduce risk of disease

The risks related to eating processed foods, refined sugars, alcohol and other items banned on the Paleo Diet are endless. They range from the less serious (a foggy mind, being overweight, irritability etc.) to the devastating (heart disease, obesity, depression). By simply cutting out these dangerous foods from

6. Improve mood

In part due to the lack of sugar crashes and hunger pangs, and in part due to simply fuelling your body and brain with the nutrients that they are designed to process, your mood will be elevated when on the Paleo diet – you will experience a pervasive sense of well being, be calmer and will be less reactive to stressors or negative events. There is science behind this, but just trust us on this one – life will be brighter when you eat Paleo.

There are myriad other benefits to eating Paleo that adherents experience. These include: Better sleep, clearer skin, improved focus, sharpness and creativity, lifting of depression, reduced amount of bloating, increased immune system, fewer allergies. The list goes on and on and on….

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