How Does It Work?


Pick your Plan and following the directions in our welcome email to select your menu.


We will deliver your Paleo meals and snacks directly to your door daily
(Paleo meals will be delivered between 9pm-6am)


Please leave your empty cooler bag and ice packs out to be picked up every evening you are expecting a delivery.

About Our Service

Paleo Meals | One Paleo Delivers
  • We deliver fresh Paleo meals, and hand-crafted Paleo Snacks delivered to your door daily
  • Meal plans can be customized to match your lifestyle allowing you to suspend a day with only 48-hour notice
  • All Paleo meals and snacks are gluten free, grain free, bean free, dairy-free and refined sugar-free
  • Delivery is six days a week and is guaranteed to arrive before 6 am
  • Saturday & Sunday’s meals and snacks are delivered together on Saturday
  • Allergies or food dislikes? No problem! Please notify us of any allergies when placing your order and submitting your menu.

Looking for a Whole 30 program? We offer it.
Simply choose the Whole 30 add-on option at checkout.




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