The Paleo Diet Helps You Look + Feel Your Best

The idea of a Paleo-based diet was first discussed over 40 years ago and has become a popular option for anyone that would like to build muscle, shed fat, and avoid processed food. For those who are ready to look and feel their best, here is a glimpse of how this diet works, who it is for, and what can be done to make the transition from a modern diet to a Paleo-based diet as easy as possible.

What Is It?

This diet is based on the idea that humans were healthier before the agricultural revolution when they were primarily hunters and gatherers. While growing one’s own food is not necessarily unhealthy, it has slowly brought humans to the unhealthy eating culture of today. This includes a society in which nearly 66 percent of all adults are overweight and 33 percent are considered to be obese.

The biggest change in the Paleo diet is the removal of grain. Grains are made up of carbohydrates that turn to glucose after being consumed. Any glucose that is not turned into energy is stored as fat. Those who are on the Paleo diet cannot eat grain, sugar, and processed foods. These guidelines have left many people wondering what they can eat and how they are going to stay full.

What Can I Eat?

The Paleo diet allows practitioners to eat a variety of food sources that are both healthy and delicious. This includes grass-fed red meats, any type of fowl, fruits, vegetables, nuts, oils, and tubers such as sweet potatoes or yams. While some individuals who are on this diet do eat dairy products, most refrain from them entirely. Making that decision will depend on one’s health and their fitness goals.

Transitioning to the Paleo Lifestyle

Transitioning to the Paleo diet will take some getting used to, but most will find that it becomes second nature after just a few weeks. Having a food prep day at the start of each week is one simple way to plan out your meals, but many people now opt for food delivery services that specialize in Paleo-based meals.


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