Paleo Meal Plans: 5 Surprising Benefits

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Paleo eating refers to eating the foods that our ancestors ate. Thousands of years of evolution has helped our bodies function best on meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. These are the staples of Paleo meal plans.

Easier on the Digestive System

Our bodies are not designed for the processed foods that are readily available today. Processed foods cause inflammation within the intestinal tract. The human body has evolved to naturally digest fish, meats, fruits, vegetables. Your earliest ancestors survived and thrived off Paleo-friendly foods.

Better Energy Source

Paleo meals provide our bodies with longer lasting, more efficient energy. These foods also help the body burn fat more proficiently. Paleo meal plans are optimal for blood sugar regulation, digestion, sleep and metabolism.

Helps Regulate Blood Glucose Levels

Paleo meal plans allow you to avoid refined sugar. When you avoid refined sugar, blood glucose levels stay more even. This helps prevent the fatigue and low energy that result from changes in glucose level. Low blood sugar can result in shaking, sweating, headache and feeling anxious. Even if you are not diabetic, monitoring your blood sugar levels is a good way to help you feel better, as even low blood sugar levels can cause things like sweating, shaking and anxious feelings.

Helps You Stay Full Longer

Most processed foods leave you feeling hungry. So-called diet foods that are supposed to suppress hunger can instead actually keep you in a constant state of hunger. A Paleo diet includes foods that naturally keep you satisfied. These meals plans contain foods with a fair amount of healthy fats, which are necessary to help you feel full and avoid food cravings. High-protein meats and vegetables produce a full satisfied feeling while high-fiber fruits aid in healthy digestion.

Naturally Gluten-Free

Following a Paleo diet will automatically eliminate wheat products, which also eliminates Gluten. Many people have a sensitivity to Gluten and there is quite a bit of evidence that causes problems for the digestive system. Eliminating Gluten from your diet will help improve digestion and help you feel better overall.


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