Viola Davis


Paleo Delivers has delivered me from years of a sluggish metabolism and energized me in miraculous ways. You cannot get more creative, varied and filling food choices. Love love the wraps and the string zucchini/squash with turkey red sauce topping!!

Ursula Taherian

Actress, Los Angeles

I cannot say enough good things about Paleo Delivers. Most importantly, the food is INCREDIBLE. These really are some of the best tasting meals I’ve had and I am a Foodie! The recipes are extremely creative and it’s added so much variation to my diet (I was guilty of making/eating the same things over and over and over b/c it was all I really knew how to make). Not Only has my digestion improved tremendously, but I eat less now because my body is getting what it needs.

Liat G

Topanga, CA

I just got done eating the most delicious meal from Paleo Delivers. It was a Greek salad with skirt steak, diced tomato, bell peppers, cucumbers, iceberg lettuce, olives, oregano vinaigrette. It was amazing. Even the lettuce was delicious.     This is the kind of meal that I have come to expect from Paleo Delivers. I just can’t believe how delicious the food is. There’s no way that I would be able to re-create even one or two of these meals let alone three different meals and two snacks every day. As far as the price, it’s worth it to me. The amount of money that I was spending on my down, buying grassland beef, natural park products, organic chicken, etc was sort of astronomical – and I still wasn’t satisfied because I just got tired of my own cooking. And I was cooking and cleaning at least three times a day! Plus going to the store. And looking up recipes. So the $1500 a month that this cost me is totally worth it Oh – and I,m losing weight, which wasn’t my primary objective by any means.

Rose N

Los Angeles, CA

First and foremost, the money you’ll sped on this service is TOTALLY WORTH IT

Second, you’ll have LOADS OF ENERGY. It’s crazy. Third, if you work a lot, your MENTAL STAMINA is maintained strong through the day Fourth, you will see that you lose weight easily when you NO LONGER have to THINK AND PLAN YOUR MEALS. Fifth, you’ll see that you lose weight because the inflammation from the sugar, carbs and dairy that cause bloat is reduced. Sixth, the people at this company are EXTREMELY accommodating.