Sample Menu

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Paleo Menu –  Sample Day


Option 1: French Toast with Cinnamon Grilled Bananas and Chicken Apple Sausage

Option 2: Open Faced Omelet with Kale, Sweet Peppers and Squash with Crumbled Sausage


Option 1: Spicy Korean-Style Stir-Fried Beef and Broccoli over Cauliflower Rice

Option 2: Grilled Chipotle Lime Chicken Breasts with Shaved Zucchini and Smashed Avocado


Option 1: Pan Seared Mahi Mahi with Grilled Asparagus and Roasted Butternut Squash

Option 2: Peppercorn Sirloin Steak with Brussels Sprout Sauté and Sweet Potato Mash

Sweet Snack

Option 1: Chocolate Chip Cookie

Option 2: Mini Apple Pie

Savory Snack

Option 1: Walnut Shrimp

Option 2: Honey Buffalo Wings with Ranch

Keto Menu –  Sample Day


Option 1: Sirloin Steak and Scrambled Eggs

Option 2: Spicy Chicken Omelet with a side of Guacamole.


Option 1: Lettuce Wrapped Bacon Bison Burger with Garlic Aioli and Collard Greens.

Option 2: Garlic and Ginger Mahi Mahi with Braised Kale


Option 1: Beef Meatloaf with Asparagus 

Option 2: Creamy Shrimp Alfredo with Garlic Spaghetti Squash (Contains Dairy)


Option 1: Lamb and Veggie Bites

Option 2: Chocolate Coconut Almond Fat Bombs

Whole 30 Menu –  Sample Day


Option 1: Tomato Basil Baked Eggs with Italian Sausage and Blueberries

Option 2: Mini Breakfast Meatloaf with Cantaloupe


Option 1: Curry Spiced Shrimp with Lime Cauliflower Rice

Option 2: Braised Chicken Breast with Mushrooms and Zucchini and Baby Squash


Option 1: Butternut Squash Lasagna 

Option 2: Stir-Fried Sesame Pork and Eggplant 


Option 1: Cinnamon Spiced Apple Slices

Option 2: Middle Eastern Chicken Meatballs