Walking For Exercise Is As Important As It Is Necessary

You already walk a good bit each day. There’s the walk from the bed to the shower, the walk to the car, and the walk into your place of employment. While that’s all fine and dandy, that type of walking is not doing much to keep you healthy. Intentionally walking at a brisk pace as part of an exercise routine is in your best interests. Here are some ways that walking will manifest in your life, if you will devote anywhere from a half-hour to an hour per day to this intentional form of exercise.

Reducing Your Spare Tire

In you are looking to lose a few pounds, paying close attention to your diet and building it around natural rather than processed foods is a good start. Along with watching what you eat, getting out each evening for a brisk walk will do wonders for incrementally losing the additional weight. By sticking with your walking plan and making permanent changes to your diet, you have a much better chance of keeping the pounds from returning you do reach your goal.

Increasing Your Stamina

A brisk walk every day is important to keeping your endurance and stamina within reasonable levels. Do you currently find yourself winded when the elevator is broken and you have to walk up four flights of stairs? Within a matter of a few weeks of taking those afternoon walks, climbing stairs will be a piece of cake. In fact, you probably won’t break a sweat and not care at all if the elevator is out of order.

Helping You Manage Chronic Conditions

If you live with a chronic condition, your doctor has likely mentioned time and again how the proper diet and regular exercise will improve your quality of life. Take the example of someone who has type 2 diabetes. Walking helps to improve the conversion of carbohydrates to energy and also has the effect of improving blood circulation to the extremities. Your evening walks will aid in keeping those blood glucose levels within a safe range, and also decrease the potential for developing what is known as diabetic neuropathy, a condition in which the feet and lower legs experience a permanent loss of sensation.

Improving Short-Term Health Woes

Thankfully, you don’t have a chronic health issue. However, there is the matter of the high level of bad cholesterol in your bloodstream. Your doctor has given you medication, but that doesn’t mean you can sit on your behind and expect the medicine to take care of the issue. Even a brisk 30-minute walk every evening will help to lower those bad cholesterol numbers, especially if you are following the doctor’s advice for meal planning. At the same time, the workout that the walk gives your body will help boost your good cholesterol level, something that is essential to heart health.

There are more benefits to walking that you should explore with your doctor. Brisk walks every day is a powerful resource when it some to dealing with issues like mild depression, various types of anxiety disorders, or being able to deal with the day to day stress of life. Try taking a brisk walk every evening for a week and see what happens. Once you notice the chance and how much you enjoy those walks, you’ll never want to end your day without one.


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