The Whole30 Diet: Reset Your Metabolism + Experience Better Health

The creators of the Whole30 diet believe that many health problems today come from certain foods. When these foods are eliminated from the diet, energy and health increase. The Whole30 diet program promises that in just 30 days, people who follow the diet will feel healthier and will no longer crave unhealthy food.

What Can’t Be Eaten on the Whole30 Diet?

From fertility issues to digestive problems to skin breakouts, many of the health problems that people experience can be reduced by cutting out foods that cause inflammation and hormonal imbalance. Foods that are processed and don’t benefit the body aren’t eaten on the Whole30 program. Cutting these foods out of the diet for 30 days allows the body to heal and reset its metabolism. While participating in the program, the following foods should be completed eliminated:

  • Sugar of any kind. This includes natural sweeteners, such as honey, agave and maple syrup, as well as artificial sugar substitutes.
  • All grains, including wheat, corn, quinoa, barley, rice and oats.
  • Alcohol, including wine and sherry used to cook and flavor food.
  • Dairy, except for ghee or clarified butter.
  • Beans and nuts of any kind.
  • Food preservatives and flavor enhancements, including carrageenan, MSG and sulfites.

While some diet programs allow for a “cheat” day or meal, the Whole30 program must be followed completely for 30 days in order for the body to properly reset itself.

Foods to Eat

Real, whole food should be eaten in abundance on the program. These foods give the body the nutrition and energy it needs to function properly while eliminating the toxins that are found in processed foods. Seafood, beef, poultry, pork, lots of vegetables, a small amount of fruit and healthy oils and fats should all be eaten on the diet. All of the food eaten on the diet should have healthy, whole ingredients listed on the label.

Some foods are allowed on the diet as exceptions to the general eating rules. For example, whole fruit juices are allowed to be used as sweeteners and vinegar can be used to flavor salads.

The Whole30 program emphasizes the choices that we have in eating. Choosing to stick to the diet for 30 days can help eliminate cravings, increase energy and decrease health problems in people who follow it.


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